Our team

To say we have gathered here an amazing team would be an understatement. People often say you don’t know a good thing until you lose it. Trust us we know! Despite or maybe because of cultural differences, time zone differences, age or gender – this team works together! 

The sense of pride and belonging is strong and we would like to think this then reflects in our level of service.

Our customers

We know they come to us under stress. Their websites have been violated and businesses negatively affected. Still, in those moments of chaos, they turn to us. We know how difficult it must be to trust someone that all will be good. We admire their patience whilst we clean up the website. One hour can seem like a lifetime…

So thank you – you are truly appreciated!

Our friends and family

We are all humans and no man is an island. We function in our environments and those are made better by our friends and family. They allow us to be the best version of ourselves and made 2021 a pleasant year despite the pandemic challenges. 

Big thanks to them for allowing us to thrive.