First of all – what is a Firewall? Feels like it is quite a common terminology in IT, but what does it exactly mean?

Whatever the type, Firewalls are in laymen’s words filters that check all the traffic or requests i.e. traffic surrounding the thing they are protecting to remove any threats from reaching it. What we will be focusing on now is a Website application Firewall, also known as WAFs.

There are various ways in which we can apply a Firewall on a website, but the core functionality is always the same; Recognise and block all the malicious traffic trying to reach the website.

What constitutes malicious traffic?

Known malicious IP addresses

This is quite rudimentary, but a critical feature. There is a whole array of IP addresses that are known to be malicious so there is really no point in allowing those to come close to your website.
A nice additional feature a Firewall can have is to allow you to block certain countries or regions. Why would you allow massive traffic coming from Russia to reach your website and eat up your resources when you can set up your Firewall to block it.

Injection attacks

Again, there is a vast amount of attacks that constitute an Injection attack – Code injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and many more – all with one goal and that is to plant something as part of your website. Your website will see this planted part as something to execute as if it is a regular part of your website.
These are quite widespread and well known to the hacker community allowing even the script kiddies that are not experienced to take advantage of them thus blocking such traffic is a must-have for any security solution.

Identifying bots

There are good bots and bad bots and it is key your website knows the difference. Google bots on your website are more than needed, but then malicious bots that have been deployed to scrape your website, sniff out potential vulnerabilities or even use brute force to compromise your admin logins…those are in no way welcome and a good Firewall should be able to differentiate the two.

Bear in mind that these are just the basic features your Firewall should include and of course, such a firewall should be a live system that is regularly updated with new vulnerabilities i.e. patches for the same.

To learn more about Firewalls and how they can help protect your website feel free to reach out to our team of experts. They can assist you with cleaning and/or protecting your website.

Regardless of the type of redirect, you have found on your website, the most important thing is to take immediate action.

Over the past years, our security experts and everyone in our team have been committed to working hard 24/7 analyzing and processing infected sites – Particularly after covid-10 There has been a very large surge of hacked sites. We believe in this modern world dominated by technology, every website deserves to have top-notch security. This is today no longer a whim, but rather a necessity.

We are here at your service to clean your website!

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Author: Carlos Soto



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