Protecting a website from malicious attacks is often a neglected element of website development and deployment. Owners and website designers focus on design, optimisation, SEO and even colour palettes, but sadly something as critical as security is often overlooked.

What can you do to protect your website?

The first step would be to ensure that the website is configured properly and that all system updates have been applied. A common thing we see here with customers is cross-site contamination, so try and ‘containerise’ multiple websites or use different servers.

As mentioned, keeping your website’s core and plugins up to date is of utmost importance. Those updates not only ensure that your website functions properly but also in most cases include security updates. Often web hosts will do this for you if you are not technically savvy.

Unfortunately, this is not always enough. Hackers are smart and will often look for other ‘attack vectors’ or routes to gain control of the server or use security holes that have not been detected and patched yet. Having a web application firewall or active cybersecurity is key. This helps identify threats and block hackers before they wreak havoc.

How to sign up for protection?

One unfortunate fact is that most people decide to sign up to use our service after their website has already been compromised. ‘Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ as the saying goes. As we become a more connected world and news of cyber attacks and data leakage becomes more common website owners are starting to think about security before they are attacked – but this is still quite uncommon amongst website owners.  Hacker protection and cybersecurity is still a relatively new area and so we find customers signing up to our Firewall packages after they are compromised.

To help these customers, we do offer a free website cleanup service as part of the signup process. So one of the great benefits of is that a website owner can take out active website protection and we will also clean their website if hacked and get it back online in a jiffy! For customers signing up that think they are not hacked – we still do a ‘deep scan’ and sometimes even ‘clean’ websites harbour malicious code or compromises that have not been taken advantage of by the hacker yet but are dormant.  We offer a great selection of payment plans from yearly to quarterly..and a great discount if you pay for the full year!

Pricing OneHourSiteFix

Signing up to OneHourSiteFix and getting your website scanned and protected is very simple and requires little effort or technical knowledge from you. Apart from providing some basic information – we do it all! Our amazing support team are extremely responsive and will keep you updated with any findings and the progress. Normally we can get a site cleaned and protected in just one hour!! I guess the clue was in the name, right?

So don’t delay, don’t leave security as a low priority. Take it seriously – take a moment to consider the pain and stress of waking up one morning to find your website down or customers seeing content that is not yours. Just head over to our Sign up page.  Fill in some basic details and our team will be touch very quickly. A small price for getting peace of mind.

We Can Help Save Your Business



WordPress website defaced ? If we don’t fix a defaced website in less than 1 hour then we do it for FREE!. Luckily for us we are very good at fixing sites fast!