Whether a site should have an SSL certificate or not is no longer a question. We’ve touched on this topic some time ago when the current ‘trend’ was just preferring site’s that were served via HTTPS. Now most browsers show warnings and Google also flags un-secured sites when their Googlebot crawls the site content. SSL certification is now mandatory.

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SSL encrypts the communication between the visitor and the website. Any traffic intercepted between these two endpoints is unreadable. This is key for any ecommerce site or webshop that is processing or acquiring personal or payment related data.

Websites with a valid SSL certificate are now preferred by Google, meaning whether your site has an SSL certificate or not will affect the website ranking within the search index, which of course will affect visitor numbers.

Sites without SSL are now marked as not secured by Chrome i.e. Google – this can often alarm and concern website visitors that their data is not safe. It even look bad for information only websites such as blogs, where an SSL would not be necessary as many users don’t really understand the warnings or what SSL is. So in essence it is advisable for any website to use SSL.

SharkGate Firewall + Free SSL equals a winning combo!

We cannot stress enough how key it is to have a valid SSL certificate on your site but be aware that this does not protect the website itself from being hacked or being infected with malware. SSL will only encrypt the data being sent and received to a user. It will not block any malicious attacks like cross-site scripting or SQL injection.

Using the SharkGate firewall however, does proactively filter and block attacks of a malicious nature and prevents these from infecting your website.

Unfortunately until now, adding an SSL certificate to a website was not always cheap or simple to do. With many website owners having to pay developers or hosting companies to do this for them. So here at OneHourSiteFix, we decided to package Free SSL certificates with our SharkGate firewall packages as a totally free of charge add-on to our customers. This does not only cut costs in terms of acquiring an SSL certificate, but also saves you the time and hassle. We deal with the complexity of installing and maintaining the SSL certificates leaving you to get on with running your website.

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Combining the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with the SharkGate firewall packages now provides a comprehensive security solution,  encrypting user traffic and blocking hackers and malware. Let’s Encrypt, operated by  Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) has taken the SSL market by storm and is widely respected and trusted. We believe this is a winning combo!

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