It feels like a disaster…Google blacklisted your website…but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Trust us – we’ve seen it all!

To us it’s an age old story. Site gets hacked. Owner is oblivious that their site is being used to  spew malware all over the internet or is involved in phishing activity . Google picks up on this irregular traffic and, without informing the owner,  blacklists it.

The good news is this is not the end of the story and things can definitely be rectified.

But first, how will you know your site has been blacklisted by Google?

One of the most evident examples of a blacklisted site is when instead of your website you see a red screen similar to ones on the right.
The reasons and text will vary and Google will normally provide you with a link to learn more about why the site has been marked as such.

What you also might come across is a disclaimer in Google search results saying that your site is malicious. Although not as dramatic as the red screen, this will also affect your website in terms of drop of legit visitors.

To confirm and check in more depth on the reasons why the site was blacklisted, you can use the ‘Google Transparency Report’.

Insert your site’s URL and check the site status. If there are issues you will be prompted with a notification similar to this:

One of the key places to track your website’s health and security is Google’s Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster). To use it you will have to verify that you are the website owner – it will then provide you with a great insight into your website health, search display and security status.

The Security part can be found in the left menu.

Search Console

As noted, this console provides a lot of information and even often lists parts of the sites that were infected with examples of hacked content.

But how do I remove my site from Google blacklist?

First things first – the site has to be cleaned. Bear in mind that often you have a limited number of times you can submit your site for review, so it is better to be absolutely sure that your site is definitely free of all security issues and malware.

We would always recommend getting blacklist issues resolved by a professional and here is where OneHourSiteFix can help you for sure. If you have no definitive proof that your site security has been breached but have noticed some discrepancies in the way the site is running, you can always decide to go for our Freescan . On the other hand , if you are seeing just one of the examples shown here of a site being blacklisted it would be best to simply sign up for one of our packages and get the site cleaned.

Whatever you decide, once you are sure that the site is indeed clean you can  submit it for review as in most cases Google does not clear blacklistings without a specific request.

Here is where your Search Console is needed again! Go to the same location as where you checked specific reasons on why your site is marked and you will find an option to request a review by Google.

Here you can explain what action you have taken to get the site fixed and request that Google removes it from the blacklist. Bear in mind that this review is not instant. Google can takes from a day to a week to clear the blacklist status of a site depending on the type of hack and if a review was requested previously for a site that was not fully clean.

In the case of your site being marked as a Phishing site you will likely have to report it as clean via this Google webform

Of course if you decide to use OneHourSiteFix services to clean your site we will also sort out the Google blacklisting as part of our service. In our experience a blacklisting status is processed more quickly when it is managed  by a cyber security service as we have thoroughly checked your site is clean and safe before requesting a review and can clearly explain what actions were made to resolve the issue which also speeds up the Google process.

This means that you can stop worrying about security issues and can instead concentrate on running your online business.

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