WordPress websites, depending on the source seem to have over a third of the market share when it comes to websites in general and over 60% of websites running some CMS software.
With this said, such a big part of the web must also be observed from a security standpoint.

We have tackled this topic some time ago and all of the advice there is still valid and worth repeating. In short, the steps you should take to keep your WordPress website safe are:

  • Keep the core and plugins up to date
  • Keep your server tidy
  • Update your passwords regularly
  • Encrypt the site with SSL
  • Use a proactive antimalware tool

The first step – Keep the core and plugins up to date – seems to be the most common element that WordPress owners neglect if their website is not maintained by some company. For example, the latest core update with security patches was issued on May 13, 2021, and we are still seeing websites that have not updated their core.

What to have in mind whilst updating your WordPress website

Firstly, keeping your core and plugins up to date is a critical task. Minimal to no delays should be present when it comes to updating. The reasoning behind it lies in the fact that once the updated information is out, the whole of the internet is aware of the type of security flaw present in the previous version. This then means that even a low-level hacker or script kiddies as they are often called has the capability to attack and infect your website.

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The second thing to have in mind is that, even if your WordPress website is more or less standard, sometimes the update can go wrong and break the website. Thus, before updating your WordPress do take a full website backup. This way, even if something does go wrong, you will always have a full backup to which you can revert the website and then call in developers to help you out with the update. There are easy-to-use WordPress plugins that you can utilize for this purpose.

These actions are not full proof in terms of preventing malware from being planted on your website, but will surely minimize the chances of getting hacked. It is the difference between leaving your house locked or with open doors and windows.

Of course,  if you feel you need assistance with anything related to your website do Contact us!

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