We understand that forming any business relationship with suppliers and partners before you’ve tried their services requires a certain level of trust. Working with a supplier after you’ve been hacked and your business has been left in a vulnerable, compromised position requires an even greater leap of faith – Which is why we are so delighted our customers are willing to share their experiences via TrustPilot.

What is the story behind the service?

SharkGateTM and OneHourSiteFixTM started when a team of IT experts realised that security solutions for big multinational companies were simply too expensive for a growing number of small to medium sized businesses. These businesses were nevertheless being targeted by cyber attacks as Cybercrime became a multi-million $ industry to hackers. Small business owners were being hit with massive costs to get their sites back online with additional charges to keep them protected.

This was when the OneHourSiteFixTM fix and protect service was launched in conjunction with SharkGateTM  technology to provide affordable reliable, protection from the new generation of cyber threat.

Successfull business

OneHourSiteFix Team – the human side of Cyber Security

Whilst providing  affordable, reliable cyber protection is the cornerstone of our business – here at OneHourSiteFixTM we know only too well that we would not succeed without the dedication and excellence of our amazing team – This is why we truly aspire to provide the customer service that we would wish to receive and with this in mind we are lucky to have support staff who:

  • are highly trained in the OneHourSiteFixTM system and processes whilst bringing their own flare, skills and individuality to work with them. As our CEO Jonathan Morrissey notes: “We have standards we follow and provide, but we encourage our team to grow and excel in their special area of expertise.”
  • provide 24/7 chat facility so that our customers can contact a real human being at any time – so no 40 minute phone queues / canned responses / 4 day response rate
  • will not close a ticket unless the customer agrees that the issue is closed, who are an extension to the customers IT team and who are happy to go the extra mile
  • do not shy away from asking questions, drilling down to the problem so that they can find the best solution for your specific situation

Our Customers

A company can have the best product in the world, but all that does not matter if it is not able to communicate with its customers. We see our customers as partners working with us to make the Internet a safer place to do business. TrustPilot reviews confirm that we are reaching our support goals to provide excellent service and amazing support.

We Can Help Save Your Business



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