Ransomware is the infectious new trend in hacking and cyber attacks, having effected around 72% of businesses in the UK in 2015. The premise of ransomware is all in the name; after exploiting a weakness in a host machine, the malware will block access to files until a fee is paid, essentially holding your personal information and data for ransom. The notion of this is already scary when considering the loss of your personal files, however is even more ominous if you are a business owner with gigabyte upon gigabyte of sensitive data, crucial for day to day operations. Ransomware can spread in a few ways, most commonly and simply through phishing and spam campaigns via email, as well as fake ‘software update’ downloads usually through pop-ups.

However, more recently ransomware has evolved to the point of being almost undetectable until too late, infecting systems without the user being any the wiser!

Unfortunately once they have encrypted your site, it is usually too late to save your site


The recent ‘WannnaCry’ outbreak has proven that ransomware is becoming the favourite of hackers for its effectiveness and profitability.
The outbreak saw huge institutions and corporations, including the UK National Health Service, Renault, and the Russian Interior Ministry, brought to a standstill. The infection exploited weaknesses in older versions of Windows operating systems still using SMBv1 and SMBv2, including various iterations of Windows Server 2003 and 2008, commonly used in small to large scale businesses. The most worrying revelation WannaCry provided on the subject of ransomware, is its ability to specifically target IP addresses and spread to machines on local networks instead of relying on the rather random approach of spam email campaigns and phishing.


The OneHourSiteFix team with our SharkGate™ website protection has already halted hundreds of attacks like this through our advanced ransomware protection, and the numbers are only growing. Without malware protection, a ransomware infection may already be laying dormant on your websites. Running a business already comes with stress and responsibility, and often time and focus cant be spent on keeping your business website, webserver or PC’s patched and secure from potential attack. In the case of WannaCry, this exact issue was one of the fundamental reasons the malware was able to spread with the haste and ferocity that it did; simple vulnerabilities that were overlooked in the everyday running of a business.
Always remember, when it comes to fixing a hacked website infected by any form of ransomware, never pay the ransom. Consult a website security service like OneHourSiteFix or any other. Paying the ransom this will only leave your website susceptible to future attacks and advertise your websites vulnerability to other hackers. Not only this, but there is no guarantee that after any payment your files will be recovered at all, causing irreparable damage to your business operations and even your business’ reputation.

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