Google blacklist around 9,500 to 10,000 websites every day. These days maybe small business owners are finding they are becoming prey being blacklisted by Google. On the off chance that you don’t update your website’s CMS version (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc) , themes and plugins very regularly you are increasing your danger of being hacked and your site reputation being ruined by being added to the Google blacklist.

Most Websites Are Built Using the Same Software. Which Makes Them Easy Targets

Most websites these days are made on one of the popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento. This means that hackers can create Hacker bots to search for the exact type of software your site is built with and be rewarded that this same attack can target millions of similar sites.. as they are all using the same software. In the old days website owners would never spot that they are hacked for months at a time but now Google has started taking the role of ‘Police Of The Internet’ and when crawling your site they also give it a quick check to see if it looks hacked. IF they believe this is the case they take fast and strong action. They will blacklist it and show that now infamous red screen warning all visitors to stay away from your website.

Explain What Being In The Google Blacklist Means?

With regards to websites, Google blacklisting is where this search engine (Yahoo and Bing do this to) note against your site that it is hacked. They will then show a “This site may be hacked” against all the search results for your site. Plus they will stop users from visiting the site by showing a warning page first. This process will also meant they stop showing any adverts for your site to in Google Adwords. Understandably a website can lose almost 95% of its visitors from this process. So literally stopping any sales you may have made from that site. Worse still it makes your business look risky to deal with in anyway. If you want to know if you site has been blacklisted then just talk to us on our onsite chat and our team will help you check.

How did my site get to be in Google blacklist?

It is a simple as these search engines found the hacked content on your site. If your site has been blacklisted, unfortunately these search engines Google, Bing, Norton Safe Web, McAfee Site Advisor and so forth rarely get it wrong and it is likely there is Malware on your site. So you need to get your site cleaned from infection fast. Malware can come in numerous forms such as : Trojans, phishing pages , pharmacy hacks, email spamming, etc. Regularly, the site proprietor is not in any case mindful that they have been hacked. However, it’s in the search engines best advantage not to show hacked sites to its visitors, as they would prefer not to lose clients because of directing visitors to site that put their PC in danger.

Blacklisting / Hacked Indications

Here are some basic indications shared by websites that have been blacklisted:

Your Site is diverting to a porn site, Japanese site, fake merchandise site, credit site, or some other variety.
Your Site shows a ‘This site has been suspended’ message. Likely your host blocked your site so check your emails (and spam folder) to see if they mailed you about your site being contaminated.
You see pharmaceutical references on your site.
You see new pages on your site. Keep a eye open for pages that look like login pages for the major banks (i.e., Bank of Toronto, Pursue, Wells Fargo, and so forth.)
Customers are grumbling that desktop antivirus projects are stopping them from accessing your site (i.e, McAfee, AVG, Microsoft, and so on.)
You see owners in your Google Webmaster Tool that you didn’t make or approve.
You see new admin users created that you don’t in your administration dashboard

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