Website security is an element of website development that is often neglected. Often there is an expectation that this part will be taken care of by the hosting company.

Unfortunately, this is not true.

Hosting company’s security service

The first thing to understand is that when you are buying hosting for your website in most cases the security is not included. Hosting is responsible to keep your website live and working, to ensure your account with them does not get hacked, but they are in no way responsible for the security of your website.
The thing is, websites get hacked (in most cases) if they are not properly maintained or have been developed with some security flaw. Consequently, in case you do get hacked hosting will likely suspend your website and expect you to take care of it.

Secondly, if there is some level of security service included in your hosting package, the thing to have in mind is that it is a basic model of security. Unfortunately, security rules change rapidly and as security is not the core of hosting service you will again be responsible if your website gets hacked.

The point here being, you are responsible for your website and no matter the level of security your hosting company provides, there is a solid chance you will get hacked and in such a case be faced with the cost of cleaning it, not to mention having the site suspended or blacklisted.

Professional security service

Six years ago we asked ourselves if  the Internet is the new Wild West and although that might have been a rough comparison, the fact remains – security must be handled by professionals.

Professional security service has security as its core business. Hosting companies might have security features in mind but will not focus on them. And that is really not expected of them as their purpose is different. A company whose core business is security will primarily focus on ensuring that your website is protected.

Such a service does learn from each specific case and then applies it to the bigger picture. An example of this is the SharkGate firewall where new website vulnerability patches are applied in the shortest possible time frame thus protecting each website behind its firewall.

Therefore, professional security service should be such that it minimizes the chance of having your website hacked whilst providing a safety net for the worst-case scenario. In any case – no unexpected cost. This would mean that in the unlikely case their defenses do get breached, you are not faced with the additional cost of cleaning the site again.

Here at OneHourSiteFix we aim to provide just that – a professional service with a human touch and technical expertise.

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