OneHourSiteFix is a technology company with a strong emphasis on the human factor – our clients and our employees are the reason we exist. With the world pandemic in full swing, this credo is even more important!

There is really not much we can say regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and how to behave that was not said already – stay home and stay safe. 

For official updates and advice on the topic of Coronavirus please check World Health Organisation website.

We are doing the same and have fully organized our work to function remotely. This was not a huge change for us given how scattered we are around the world to cover all the time zones – we were forced to master remote communication and team management. But it is not only about communicating information.

Equally important is the culture and the spirit – feeling that we are all in this together to achieve a common goal.

So what do we do?

Safety first – when working remotely we make sure all are connecting from safe networks and via VPNs. No coffee shops and public networks! Given the pandemic, this has gotten a new meaning.

Key info available to all – no matter how big or small your company is, working remotely and to make things more fun, in different timezones, requires information to be available to all and always. Find a way (internal boards seem to do the trick or something like a dedicated Slack channel) to inform the team about new topics and make sure it is readily available to all.

Keep things light – no watercooler does not mean no watercooler chats! Spice up your chats with a gif or two…or a tonne…memes are a blast…and then simply chatting with a colleague to see if they are okay is really nice.

Last but not least…

With all this said – we are pushing forward and are fully focused on making sure that the virtual viruses don’t take control of the websites. All we can do for the Covid pandemic is stay home, but when it comes to website hacks our skill set is expert level.

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