Why are we here? To fight hackers! And anyone who has the same mission is a good guy in our eyes! So is Sucuri – although their vision on what small and medium companies need in terms of web security differs from ours.

What is Sucuri?

Sucuri is a website security provider that has been on the market for a decade and offers various yearly packages to its users, ranging from $199.99/yr to $499.99/yr for standard packages and custom pricing for various enterprise or multiple sites packages.

How does it compare to OneHourSiteFix?

The Pros

Having been around for a while – they have definitely been ‘around the block’. Picking up experience and key allegiances with hosting companies to sell their services, they have survived in a very competitive market. They make public new vulnerabilities and have definitely contributed to the security community even making public information about new vulnerabilities.

They cater to the SME marketplace and do offer a number of useful resources such as email guides and quite a nice blog.

The Cons

On the face of it, they do seem to have it all, like the star footballer at school – they seem to have the looks and the talent. Unfortunately, it does seem to be ‘just looks’ – they have missed one of the most fundamental factors of a hacked website – the website owner. After all, in times of panic and stress, a business owner wants fast contact, reassurance, help from an actual human. Not a bot. Not 5 automated emails – an actual person. In ‘scaling up’ they have lost sight of customer service! Taking a look at Trustpilot (link) – it’s pretty clear.

It seems their marketing ‘hype’ doesn’t really match what they are actually delivering and they have totally forgotten that the customer is at the centre of it all. With only a 30-day guarantee and a mandatory year premium upfront – even their cheapest package is a lot more than the comparative OneHourSitefix plan.

OneHourSiteFix TrustPilot reviewsSucuri TrustPilot reviews

Yes, but how does Sucuri actually compare to OneHourSitefix?

Let’s be honest, the basics are all the same …malware removal and detection, types of attacks prevented, Zero-Day Exploit prevention, etc. But what are the key differences?

Sucuri’s cheapest package (again, more expensive than OneHourSiteFix one) does not support SSL Certificates which is fully supported on all OneHourSitefix packages. Given how widely implemented HTTPS is, this is either a deliberate attempt to extract more $ from the customer or just Sucuri ‘dropping the ball’. OneHourSiteFix not only supports origin SSL within all the packages, but there is also an option of a free SSL to accompany the Website Firewall which our team will implement for FREE.

When it comes to Sucuri, only the Enterprise package includes 24/7 Chat, Email and Ticket support! What? Wait! so a customer has to hope and pray that somebody will get back to them at some point soon when they are desperately trying to get their website back online? Here at OneHourSiteFix, we understand that communication is the key bit, especially when potentially your entire business is in jeopardy. Being able to reach out and get immediate assistance is essential in our eyes.

On the matter of speed and how quickly the service is provided. Sucuri does not provide any SLA to their Basic and Pro customers meaning that in case you get hacked there is a very questionable timeframe when your site will be actually checked. Of course, there is another paid ‘bolt-on’ to get it looked at faster. OneHourSiteFix (the key is in the name) prides itself on fixing and getting that website back online within an hour (for over 98.3% of all websites) – with robust and frequent updates with the customer – we like to keep you in the loop. We do all of this for all our packages even the cheapest for no additional cost.

Lastly, but definitely not least important, the pricing…and the flexibility of the packages. Sucuri will expect your yearly commitment no matter what with an only 30-day guarantee. OneHourSiteFix pricing is fully transparent allowing you to decide if yearly or quarterly payments are better suited for your company. If there are any specific needs OneHourSiteFix has you covered and a specific package will be tailored to your needs and your pocket.

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