We’ve covered the topic of the importance of a firewall many times, however – it is important to understand the services and features including with the firewall package. Many providers out there – promise the world but deliver frustration and pain! Here is a number of tips on what you should ask before signing up for a firewall/website protection service.

What type of website protection does the firewall provide?

Most of us mortals are not technical enough to understand all the types of attacks website firewalls might need to block. Still, it would be advisable to check the basics and most common attacks that would be blocked, these would include (but not limited to):
Brute Force attack prevention,
SQL Injection protection,
Scraping protection and
Zero Day vulnerability

So ask the firewall provider if these are blocked!

It is super important to also understand what will happen in the event that your website gets hacked whilst under ‘their protection’.  It happens, no firewall is 100% safe as hackers change tactics and utilise new technique. What ‘additional’ charges are lurking in their small print? Many providers offer cheap firewall protection and then charge ‘per hour’ to fix a hacked website (which can take time) – we have heard from customers of some providers chargings $1000s to fix a hacked site, even though they had paid handsomely for the protection.

So check what the guarantees and procedures are for a hacked website. In our case, OneHourSiteFix as you may already know we have a fix and protect package that fixes any issues with no additional cost (see here for more details).

What does the website firewall package actually include?

Website firewall packages in addition to various levels of protection can include other features. So check what those actually are before signing up. With SharkGate’s OneHourSiteFix the standard package for example includes perks like Free SSL, DDoS protection, CDN and website performance enhancers. All of those bundled in at no additional cost! In most cases we will even help with the setup.

Also, check if the website package includes one or numerous website cleanups. Do they help with blacklist removal or help getting your adsense back ? At OneHourSiteFix we have helped 1000’s of businesses get back online, removed them from ‘google blacklisting’ and got there adwords account unsuspended. Most if not ALL other firewall providers do not include these additional items as standard – so check!

What to expect from the support team?

The Website Firewall is not only a technical service, but is also greatly dependent on the team and business behind it. Therefore do check the provider’s track record and what is the overall satisfaction of their customers. Check review sites like Trustpilot – check the small print for the estimated turn-around/fix time. Many firewall providers, are quick to take your money but very slow to resolve an actual issue – not great when you are trying to run a business and your site has been hacked for days.

We at OneHourSiteFix pride ourselves with the level of service we provide to each and every one of our Customers. It is in our core , our ethos, our passion – so much so that our Trustpilot reviews all reflect this – It is the element of our service which we believe is equally important as the technology behind it!

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